Student Symposium

A Unique Opportunity For Area High School Students

About the Student Symposium

Our partnering efforts will reach out to the educational community to include area high schools and vocational schools. Students interested in media will be afforded the opportunity to participate in a day-long program that will include time to visit with the exhibitors.

This is an opportunity to have teachers and students interact and exchange ideas with other school districts. They will share their work and experiences with other high school students. The program will include the opportunities to explore career pathways in the media field by participating in a panel discussion with TV station managers and producers. They will share experiences and learn about potential employment opportunities in the TV broadcast, PEG Access, educational broadcast and tele-communications field.

Students will have the opportunity to visit the vendor areas and learn about cutting-edge media technology. There they can ask questions, handle and operate the newest technology, while increasing their exposure to video production and creating awareness of the complexities of managing television production facilities. This program is an interactive experience that will provide learning opportunities, introductions to field professionals and networking with other schools, teachers and vendors.

The Student Symposium is provided free of charge as part of our community media outreach program and made possible through donations and sponsors.

Power of Partners Power of Partners — May 31 – June 2, 2017 at the Hyatt Morristown, New Jersey