Student Symposium

The Student Symposium is set to be an exciting event for local high school students.


The Jersey Access Group’s student outreach program provides area high schools and vocational schools an opportunity to select a group of students, with an interest in media, to participate in a free day-long program that explores the multi-faceted world of television and video production.

This symposium allows teachers and students to interact, exchange ideas, share their work, and discuss the day’s activities with their peers. The program includes the opportunity to learn about the potential employment pathways into broadcast television, community access television, industrial and educational production, and content distribution.

While visiting the trade show floor, educators and students have the opportunity to meet with over 50 vendors representing the very latest in media technology. Students are able to ask questions, learn about, explore, and operate the newest technology.

Being able to see and use the latest in video equipment will increase the students’ exposure to this field and build their awareness of the complexities of producing content.
Program: The Importance of Community Television

This symposium gives students a glimpse into the world of community television. It discusses what public, education and government (PEG) television is about, the skills that can be learned, the technology used in the trade, and the career opportunities that abound. Each student will have the opportunity to make contacts with vendors in the community television field as they visit our trade show floor. Television equipment is on display to see, test, and learn about.

Student Projects and Showcases

Students that bring along their video gear will be able to conduct reports from the floor to be used at their individual schools to validate the event.
While students wait their turn to tour the trade show, classes have the opportunity to present videos they have made to other students and field questions and comments.

Guest Speaker: Linda Litowsky

Linda Litowsky

The two things Linda Litowsky loves most is to tell stories and to travel. Linda got very lucky and whether it’s her experience shooting a documentary about vampire bats in Costa Rica while covered with acid beetles, producing the Swiss Survivor series on 3 different islands, with a 85 international crew, a helicopter, an underwater team and 10 boats in Malaysia or finding a helicopter to fly offshore in Denmark for a documentary about wind power, her dreams have definitely come true.

Before Linda got to produce internationally, she began as an intern and then was hired at the local ABC Network affiliate while still a student at the University of Texas at Austin. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree with Honors and Special Honors in Radio | Television | Film, Linda took off for 15 months to tour Europe, working on a yacht in Greece and ending up in Israel. Returning home to Austin, she was hired at the NBC Network affiliate as the Director of Creative Services and in-house producer for all commercials and public service announcements.

Linda then moved into public information where she created documentaries for the Texas Legislature before moving on to free-lance as a producer, editor or location scout with Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood and for ABC, CBS and NBC News, as well as Reuters, the BBC and Swiss NZZ Format. She even got to film a 17-hour open heart surgery for Discovery Medical and won $120,000 to produce a documentary about disability rights for PBS. Linda also loved working on the Salt Lake Winter Olympics Torch Relay, crisscrossing the country for 3 months in an RV editing for CNN and NBC Sports and getting to run with the Olympic Torch!

Linda started L&M Productions in the early 1990s and enjoyed producing videos ranging from cloning, Beanie Babies, and cancer, to heart disease, Southwest Airlines, lead poisoning and animated TV shows in America. And in 2005, Linda served as Executive Director of channelAustin, a nonprofit that managed Austin’s public access and community media center, along with 3 TV channels, 2 studios, the latest cutting edge technology and the ultimate free speech platform. Linda is proudest of their iYouth Media Institute that created the most awesome youth Film Festival and Filmmakers Boot Camp ever! And today she still makes documentaries and works for the networks as a free-lance producer and of course she continues to travel to places like Laos, Cambodia, Bali and Thailand – and always – to tell stories.

Besides all that, Linda is a devoted volunteer for organizations who work with abused children, the girl scouts and people with disabilities.

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