Affinity Lunch Topics

Choose a topic, sit at that table, and be part of the discussion.

June 1, 2017

Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Place: Regency Ballroom

  1. Closed Captioning: What Will Happen To Community Media

    Yes, the FCC says all video broadcasts must be captioned. But what does that mean for your operation? Are there exemptions? Do you qualify? Is there a sense of obligation with the spirit of the ruling? Most importantly how can you get this done on a skimpy budget and are there viable options in the marketplace? This is the table with the answers.

    Facilitator: Steve Traylor, Executive Director, NATOA
    Host: Cindy Hahn

  2. Small Cell/5g Wireless Advancement

    Throughout the nation the 5G small cell wireless deployment is having an impact. Are there strings attached to the wireless plans? What does this mean for your community and the impact on your public rights of way? Get in on the talk about smart planning and public protections.

    Facilitator: Ken Fellman, Helmer, Conley and Kasselman
    Host: J Robertson

  3. Drones: An Asset Or A Libility

    Before you fly off the handle with a new technology toy, join this table to hear about the rules and regulations as they affect your production efforts. Drones are becoming a regular part of production and with federal regulations in place, your understanding and compliance is critical. This table will offer a great opportunity to discuss various filming applications and procedures.

    Facilitators: Brandon Dittman, Helmer, Conley and Kasselman
    Host: Christina Engh, Fly Low Aero

  4. The Ip Transition

    Our “world” of video has hardly begun the most extension revolution it has ever seen. All video acquisition and production and delivery will change to an IP infrastructure. The video signals we are used to will be replaced by IP data architectures. What does this mean for you and how painful will this be for you and your organization?

    Facilitator: Ken Freed, District Sales Manager, JVCKENWOOD
    Host: Dave Ambrosy

  5. Social Media

    Social media has grown tremendously and continues to dominate the world of communication. Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Mastodon, and Facebook have emerged onto the scene and offer tremendous marketing and outreach tools for your organization. This robust conversation will get you moving in the right direction, help you to implement these programs, and get you engaged with your audience and community.

    Facilitator: Betsy Robin Schwartz, Digital Marketing and Communications Consultant
    Host: Chris Abreu

  6. Getting Started With NDI

    NDI, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, is a royalty free standard enabling IP video workflows across Ethernet networks and represents the most prolific IP-based workflow in the industry. Learn more about transitioning your video production workflow to IP — using your existing equipment, network, and the power of NDI.

    Facilitators: Jeff McFadyen, Sr. Director of Sales NA, NewTek, Varto Keshishian, Pres. Varto Technologies
    Host: Geoffrey Belinfante

  7. The Importance Of Channel Branding

    Join the discussion on how to make the most of on-air graphics to attract, hold, and engage viewers, provide instant recognition, and increase viewership and revenues. Whether displayed during live shows, scheduled programming or on a community bulletin board, on-air graphics play an important role in promoting awareness of your station. Social media and dynamic data feeds open up new possibilities to allow you to get even more out of your on-air graphics.

    Facilitator: TelVue-Jesse Lerman, CEO TelVue
    Host: Stephanie Yager

  8. Sports Production: The Latest Technology

    Sports broadcasting is the heart of many communities, especially yours. Wireless technology has made tremendous strides. Get in on the best discussions about the latest communication tools and techniques for an excellent production.

    Facilitators: Darryl Love, DNS Media Group, James Schaller, Regional Sales Manager, Northeastern USA, ClearCom
    Host: Bob Duthaler

  9. Multi-camera Production/one Operator

    Everyone wants to increase their production quality but many don’t have the money or the labor needed. PTZ cameras, switchers in a box, and IP technology have contributed to new solutions. Join in a discussion on how remotes can look more professional.

    Facilitator: Cam Emerick, Rushworks
    Host: Ed Cologna

  10. Getting in the TV Guide

    Most PEG operators have been unable to get their schedules in the Electronic Program Guide, but without it viewers cannot DVR or see what is airing besides the generic “Local Government Programming” from the internal TV GUIDE channel. Due to market forces, 2017 might be the landshift year where this changes for more stations than ever, and it’s a good time to discuss what stations have now, what they want, and what they might be able to get in 2017 and beyond.

    Facilitator: Daniell Krawczyk, Tightrope

  11. What Do We Throw in the Truck

    Lighting in the studio is easy… But what should we have in our remote package for ENG? Current LED technology allows us to light with different color temps in the field and with much less in the way of power requirements. This is great, but what types of light fixtures and accessories should we have in our remote packages to help contend with the various challenges we may encounter in the field?

    Facilitator: Paul Distefano, System Integrator, 4Wall Entertainment
    Host: Jeff Arban

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